The Sarathi Installation Guide

The Sarathi installation procedure consists of three steps.

  1. Obtain supporting software and libraries
  2. Build (compile) the source code
  3. Install the compiled sources to a target directory

Obtaining supporting software and libraries

These are specific commands tested on Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope). Generic install instructions can be inferred from these instructions.

  1. Get the bazaar distributed version control system: apt-get install bzr
  2. Install supporting packages with: apt-get install bison flex libxmu-dev libcoin60-dev libglut-dev cmake libxml2-dev libboost1.37-dev libssl-dev libcppunit-dev libcppunit-dev libxerces-c2-dev build-essential libncurses5-dev libreadline5-dev libqt4-dev plotutils
  3. Download latest SoQt sources from Compile and install them. ./configure;make;sudo make install should suffice to build it.
  4. Get PQP version 1.3 from Before compiling it, modify the Makefile so that the CFLAGS variable contains -fPIC. The relevant line should read CFLAGS = -fPIC -O2 -I. instead of CFLAGS = -O2 -I. Then compile PQP by typing make
  5. Get the motion planning kit with the command bzr branch lp:~sagar/+junk/mpk. Read the INSTALL.txt file and install it. REMEMBER: to set the PQP directory when configuring the build with ccmake. Once you've installed it, run the demo programs to make sure that MPK is up and running.
  6. Download Orocos RTT version 1.10 from and install it.
  7. Download Orocos OCL version 1.10 from and install it.
  8. Get the latest version of gSOAP from and install it.
  9. Get the Sarathi sources with the command: bzr branch lp:~sagar/+junk/sarathi
  10. Create a directory called build in the sarathi folder: cd sarathi;mkdir build;cd build
  11. In the build directory, configure the build system with: ccmake -i .. REMEMBER: to set the MPK and PQP directories correctly
  12. Once the configuration is done, build the sources with make and install them with make install
  13. Read to the Sarathi Deployment Guide to learn how to take your first steps with Sarathi