Sarathi Deployment Guide

This guide tells you how to configure and run Sarathi for your needs.

Deploying Sarathi generally involves selecting the robot you want to control, the path planner you wish to use and the motion controller. All of these are implemented as plugins and selecting the right plugin is all you need. If a plugin doesn't exist for your choice, then it is necessary to write one. In that case, see the documentation in the developer's section.

The Sarathi configuration file

All the settings Sarathi uses can be found in a single configuration file called Sarathi.conf. The default location of this file is $HOME/.config/Sarathi/Sarathi.conf . Settings used by individual plugins can be found in the configuration files named after them, in the $HOME/.config/Sarathi directory. After a default install, the configuration files probably do not contain the values you desire. Hence, before running Sarathi, it is necessary to examine the values and change them. The configuration file is in an intuitive <key><value> pair format.

Coming soon: A description of each setting in the configuration file